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(One way fees applicable for return to location other than pick up city - prices vary)

Option (1) $0.00 - I will provide my own coverage for no additional charge (we help you to verify it).
Option (2) $10.95/day - High Risk Rental Fee. RMCV provides state minimums in liability coverage only - No Collision coverage.
Option (3) 7-16% of rental fees, and must be age 25+ to purchase - Comprehensive, Collision Coverage with $500-$1500 deductible per occurrence, & supplemental liability insurance ($1,000,000)

130 miles are included/night in the rental fees - averaged over your trip. You can opt to have double mileage, 260 miles/night, for an additional $25/night OR you can pay for mileage overages by the mile at $0.39/mile. You don’t have to decide ahead of your trip. We calculate the best option at your return. We allow a maximum of 260 miles/night. If your trip exceeds 260 miles/night you will be charged $0.39/mile for the entire mileage overage.