At Rocky Mountain Camper Vans we have everything you need in terms of camper van amenities, but of course you’ll be bringing your own items. Here are a few suggested items that will make your van camping adventure more comfortable, practical, and fun.

Warm Clothes

On the other end of the temperature spectrum, you’ll want to have at least some warm clothes. When the sun goes does, even in the desert, the temperatures go down.


While you hopefully won’t be spending the whole camping trip glued to your phone, it’s nevertheless a good idea to keep them charged up, if for no other reason than to use the map. These days, you can get solar chargers that also double as power banks for a reasonable price, and it’s a camping accessory worth having.

Liquid Soap

Of course you’ll need soap for various purposes throughout your camping trip, and I generally think it’s best to have a good all-purpose liquid soap such as Dr. Bronners around. This is easier to deal with and less messy than soap bars.


Of course this is essential, but you might be surprised how often campers are under-lit due to lack of preparation. Bring flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and even a keychain flashlight for maximum convenience.


These will of course be useful for food, but you may be surprised at the various uses that they have. Best of all, you can use a kit that all fit within each other in nested fashion, to take up minimum space when not being used.

Hanging Organizer

Your van will have various compartments to store things, but you may find a hanging organizer to be useful nevertheless. Especially in a small space of a camper van, you’d be surprised how quickly various small items begin to clutter.

Coffee Maker

Imagine the horror of arriving to your camping destination only to realize you neglected to anticipate the necessity for caffeination? You’re going to be quite active every day, and possibly wrangling little ones, so be sure to bring a french press, camping kettle, and whatever coffee accoutrement you require to concoct that sweet black nectar of wakefulness just the way you like it, at your campsite.


Bonus Pro-tip: electric kettles don’t require leaving the van, pre-caffeination!