For many outdoorsy types, Winter is the time to pack away the camping gear and await the coming of Spring, however, not only can a van provide you with a warm place to sleep even camping in chilly conditions, but there are also plenty of places you can go to escape the cold on your Winter van camping adventure. You could even make a road trip out of it. Here are a few suggestions of classic destinations that don’t get too cold in Winter, and might even be ideal for those who would rather not go in the hot months.

Death Valley

As the hottest, driest, and lowest place in the entire country, Death valley makes an ideal Winter destination, with daytime highs averaging in the 60s or 70s, and nighttime lows in the upper 30s. The beautiful, colorful geological formations and miles of trails are stunning, and you’ll never count more stars in the night sky than from Death Valley. There’s even a golf course and pools filled with natural springwater in the 80s. Believe it or not, in the depths of Winter, there are even explosions of wildflower blooms, although it only happens when conditions are right, no promises!

Redwoods Forest

Seeing the redwoods should be on everyone’s bucket list, and what many may not realize is that the climate is quite temperate all year round. There may be an occasional frost or even snow, but the temperatures average between 40-60 degrees year round. Crowds are also thinner during this time, but come prepared for wet weather, as Winter is the mistiest and rainiest time of year, here.

Savannah, Georgia

While Georgia may not be on everyone’s radar, Savannah is a particularly beautiful and temperate location in the Winter, again with temperatures hovering in the 40s – 60s. It also has the added advantage of being not just a great camping destination, but the nearby beaches of Tybee Island, as well as the historical city of Savannah, itself. You can use your campsite as a home base to explore all of these places.

Moab, Utah

Moab is brutally hot during the Summer, but once Winter hits, temperatures become much milder, although they do dip into the 20s at night. However, as soon as the sun is up, temperatures rise quickly, so a fire and some hefty sleeping bags, and you should be good to go. What makes Moab particularly great is it’s position between two other amazing national parks, Canyonlands and Arches, which means you can use Moab as your home base but go explore these other great spots, as well.

Big Bend in Texas

Big Bend National Park is another beautiful desert with majestic and fascinating geological formations, and makes a great stopover if you’re on your way to anywhere further Southeast, such as Savannah. It includes a mountain range and the Chihuahuan desert, and even has some Hot Springs. As with other deserts this time of year, temperatures are mild.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Arkansas is an often overlooked state which contains a lot of natural beauty, and a great destination to experience it is Hot Springs. This fascinating city has bubbling hot spring water which was sought out for it’s healing effects in times past, but you can still go swim in the Springs at one of it’s bathhouses. It also has a national park in the city, with a trail system that can keep you occupied for days, beyond just the city itself. Temperatures fluctuate in the 30s – 50s range.

The Grand Canyon of Texas

The second largest canyon in the country, this Texan desert wonder makes another temperate location to visit in Winter. Also known as Palo Duro Canyon, it includes many trails and campsites, and of course mild temperatures, and clear desert skies for stargazing.