A pop-top van isn’t necessarily something you’d expect with a new line of top-notch campervans, but Winnebago is surprising us all with just exactly that. Perhaps an appeal to Vannagon nostalgia, perhaps simple practicality, but I have to say we like what they’ve got going on with this van, as you’ll see in this review. 

Interior Design

This is not the funky, retro, or customized instavan you might be familiar with from #vanlife on social media. However, it is extremely practical, with plenty of neat little perks such as the full blackout zip-up windows, and the rather strong magnets that hold cupboard doors open. It looks a bit like the inside of the starship Enterprise: sleek, minimalistic, pragmatic, and clean. Some other nice touches include the magnetic screens on the side door for no-hassle bug protection and fresh air, and plenty of storage space.


The most obvious uniqueness factor here is the pop-top, which is a quite roomy and comfortable bed, particularly if you’re 6 feet tall, or under. It even includes the option to completely zip up all of the fabric walls when popped up, which may help it remain functional even on more chilly nights, although I wouldn’t want to be the first to test it in full Winter weather. On the other hand, when unzipped, they offer an excellent view of whatever your van happens to be pointed at, complete with screens to keep the bugs out.

The Solis is under 20 feet long, which has it’s pros and cons. While it’s more compact and less roomy, it can go just about anywhere a normal van can go, so you won’t encounter some of the limitations that come along with a longer camper. In exchange for this freedom, everything is relatively compact, including the kitchen, dinette table, and bathroom/shower. 


This van can comfortably sleep four people: two in the pop-top bed, and two in the main bed. One bed is slightly longer, the other slightly wider, but both are able to accommodate two people comfortably. Realistically, you wouldn’t want to be camping with more than 4 people in this little van, and even with four people, you’ll be wanting to spend plenty of time outside. 


The Winnebago Solis is a great van for budget-minded and not particularly gargantuan people who appreciate a simple, practical, and maneuverable campervan, and don’t have much desire for some of the fancy luxuries other vans might provide.