We’re trying something new here at the vanlife blog, giving you a bit of a deeper discussion of some of the campervan rentals we offer. After all, it makes sense to get familiar with what might be your temporary nomadic home on wheels! Today, we’re covering one of our premium vans, the Promaster Pop-Top Luxury Camper. 

Dodge Promaster Overview

Our Promasters are 2017-18 models, which means that they’re quite new and comfortable. At just under eighteen feet long, they’re definitely in the larger, luxury category, and come with all of the amenities you’d hope for in a camper van. The pop-top even allows for an extra sleeping space when not in motion, allowing it to sleep up to five, which makes it a great van for families. In spite of all that size, it still manages to get about 18-21 miles to the gallon, not bad, by campervan standards. 


The custom pop top on the top of this camper not only gives you an extra 76” x 58” bed, but also creates a 7’ high ceiling in the area of the van where you’re most likely to stand, the kitchenette and seating area. 


The main seating of the van is between the back bench and the front driver and passenger chairs, which swivel around to face the back, creating a four- or five-person round seating area. There are also two compact fold-up tables that can be taken out for dining in the circle, and it makes for a great place to sit and hang out and talk, if you need to get out of the weather. 


The pop-top bed has it’s own mattress, and about a foot of room around the mattress on each side, plus 40” of sit-up height in the bed area. This is a quite roomy bed area, not just for the kids, but could happily sleep two adults, as well. 

The lower bed is created by the rear seat bench folding down into a 76” by 48” bed. This bed is actually slightly smaller, but not by much, so you basically have two normal, adult-sized, comfortable beds in this van!

Bathroom Stuff

The campervan approach to toilets and showers is mostly to have them outside the van, since space is at a premium. However, you’ll never have to go without a place to do your business, or a hot shower. The shower head in back is attached to a hose, with hot water on demand, and a privacy curtain, of course. The toilet is stowable, so you take it out, use it, and stow it back, and obviously it’s air tight for no stink.


This very compact sink/stovetop combo has two gas burners, and a sink with hot water on demand and refillable water jugs so you can always do all the washing up you need to do. It also has lots of storage underneath, enough to keep a reasonable nomad kitchen stocked, and even a mini-fridge. It’s amazing what you can pack into a small space with a little innovation, thanks Dodge. 


In addition to the kitchen cabinet storage, you also have some overhead storage space about the kitchenette, as well as a pretty large closet in back with sliding door, plus some space underneath the back bed/seat bench. This should be enough space that you don’t have to be too much of a minimalist, even if you are trying out that vanlife. 

Other Perks

There are plenty of other little touches that make this a really nice van to camp in. For instance, the rear-view camera makes it super easy to back up in what may be a larger vehicle than you’re accustomed to. All the lights in the van are LED, which means they don’t use too much battery, and the on-demand propane-heated water is really great on those chilly nights.

Well, that about covers it, if it sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to take for an adventure, feel free to call in with any questions you may have, or book a van online. Be sure to check out some of our other blog posts for some suggestions on what you can do within driving distance of our locations.