Once the heat of summer gives way to chilly mornings and cold nights you know winter is near.  With the shift of season comes great opportunity to travel; in the mountain regions, the deciduous trees begin a colorful shift to autumn, and the desert regions’ temperature become very pleasant.

Traveling in a campervan is perfect for Autumn’s wide range of temperatures.  A fifty-degree shift in temperatures between day-time high and night-time low is not uncommon in the fall in the mountains or in the desert.  Your cozy bed in the campervan welcomes you as the night-time lows set in.  Campfires are fun but an indoor kitchen is preferable to get that morning coffee started when you can still see your breath in the morning air.

Traveling into the mountains in the autumn is unforgettable. There are no crowds, it is easy to enjoy the splendor of nature how it was intended.  Busy trailheads and sparse and crowded mountain towns are reduced to the locals.  The hustle and bustle that many popular mountain areas are reduced to a slower pace.  A traveler will also see more wildlife when there are less people, this always enhances the wilderness experience.

Traveling into the desert in the autumn is magical, the areas of the country that are not accessible most of the summer because of the heat become welcoming.  Unlike the mountains, the desert become crowded in the autumn.   However, if you do your research, you can find great spots with no one around, but if you travel to the popular spots, National Parks and State parks expect crowds.

Whether you prefer the mountains or the desert that is your choice, the one thing that is undeniable is that campervans make travel in the autumn a much more enjoyable experience.  Rocky Mountain Campervans offers many different makes and models to meet your exact needs.  Contact us today to experience the vacation of a lifetime!

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