Winter Camping in a Campervan



Why book a hotel & a rental car, why not book a VW or Custom camper that combines them both instead.  No more guessing which resort to book that might have the highest snow totals.  Rent a campervan and go where the best snow is.  Our VWs offer you comfort, mobility, and style.  You can choose your destination when you get on the road or when the weather changes.

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We offer 24hr rental periods, so no more checking in at 4pm and checking out at 10am.  Pick up your campervan rental at 5pm, return it at 5pm.  Want to pick it up at 8am and return it at 5pm, no problem – we do half day rentals too!

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We are ideally located in Denver, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains with over 25 ski resorts within a few hours drive.


We can meet you at our office in Lakewood where you can leave your car for the duration of your trip!


Winter Driving in a VW:

All of our winter vans (Eurovans and Custom Vans) are automatic transmissions.  They do not have 4WD but they are equipped with studded snow tires  OR all year tires in the winter. 

Your campervan should have no problem getting you where you are going with some good common-sense driving.  Slow and steady is the way to go when traveling Colorado roads in winter weather for any vehicle. 

Our vans are fully capable of going over most paved, open mountain passes in the winter.  We have road tested them ourselves. 

Where to camp:

In short, wherever you can park it that allows overnight camping (also called dispersed camping or boondocking), but we recommend checking out private parks and campgrounds, US National Forest Campgrounds, US National Forest Dispersed Camping (IE no campground), & state campgrounds.  We have a lot of information on this topic, so check our camping page for more information on the different types of campground and how to find them.

Some campgrounds do close in the winter, but plenty stay open and some of the best places for ski-bumming are not a campground.  Here are a few ideas:

Winter Park & Mary Jane:

Copper Mountain:

General Winter Camping Links:

If you have a destination (or two) in mind the best thing to do is to google around and see what you can find.  Also, just simply call the local forest service office and ask the ranger where overnight camping is allowed for free – they are always happy to help.  Most ski resorts, snowmobile trails, and snowshoeing areas are on national forest and have access very close by.  If you can’t find anything, or would just like some help, email us and we will happily help you find some great spots.

Campervan Winter Set Up – is there a Toilet, Shower, Running Water?

We do offer portable toilets and portable outdoor hot water showers for rent and there is always the great outdoors.  We have to winterize our vehicles Mid-November through Mid-April, so you will not be able to use the exterior water spray feature or exterior showers on the back hatch of the Eurovans or Promasters or interior faucet in the sink or the interior showers. Interior toilets will still work and you can still use the sink to drain water.  We provide a refillable water jug and a basin for washing up and doing dishes.  As soon as it is warm enough or for those heading to warmer destinations you will be able to use the sink.

Most winter campsites will provide at least a toilet and possibly a hot shower and running water as well, but there are plenty of other options if you are not at a campground.  We highly recommend checking out a local recreational center.  You can take a swim, get a hot shower along with a steam or sauna at most mountain rec centers.  We have found that some even offer 24hr facilities and free parking nearby….

Colorado also has an abundance of hot springs you can visit (a lot offer camping too).

Safety Tips:

Always let someone know where you are going to be, especially if you plan to be out of cell phone range.  We recommend you give us a copy of your itinerary so we know where to find you in case of an emergency.  We recommend this for trips year round, but especially in the harsher winter conditions.


Staying Warm:

Each of our Eurovan Full Campers, Custom Luxury Promasters, and Promaster Solis campers have a gasoline or propane furnace to keep you toasty.  Each rental comes with a full tank of propane if needed.  It will keep you warm at night with enough to spare for cooking and powering the fridge.  If for any reason you are running low on propane there are plenty of convenient locations statewide like gas stations, campsites and hardware stores to stop and have it filled.

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