Updated Van Cleaning Procedures & Precautions

Rocky Mountain Campervans is taking your vacation seriously. Our vans have always been thoroughly cleaned inside and out to our normal high standards. In addition to that, however, we at Rocky Mountain Campervans are taking these additional precautions between each and every rental according to CDC guidelines. We treat every vehicle as if we were taking it out with our own family.

  • All hard frequently used surfaces are being cleaned with disinfectant according to CDC standards (steering wheels, door handles, sinks, shifters, etc)

  • All vehicle fabric is being sprayed with purpose-made fabric disinfectant between rentals as per CDC standards

  • Starting late May vans are undergoing UV/Ozone treatment between rentals using Smart UV Sterilization Lamps (UV-C light is a specific type of UV light (specific wavelengths) and this is what they use in the medical world, in hospitals – to sterilize. It’s used for sanitation.)

  • All laundry and dishes are machine-cleaned before all rentals at the highest temperatures recommended

  • Vans are kept out of service between rentals for as long as possible

  • Hand sanitizer (!!) & a roll of toilet paper (!!) will be included in every rental vehicle

Additionally, we are a small business and know all of our employees personally. Not only do we care for your health and safety, but we care for theirs and are ensuring every day that they are in good health before coming to work.

See our COVID resource page for additional information on how we are keeping you safe during your rental.