Van 101


Do car seats work in the vans?

Yes they do. Keep in mind that all of our VW vans predate the latch system for car seats that all modern cars have, so all car seats in the vans are secured using the rear seat seatbelts. For both Eurovan weekender and full camper models, the rear seatbelts are shoulder belts. Vanagon camper (weekender and full) all have lap belts, as their production predates the rear seat shoulder belt requirement. Our Promaster campers, while new, also do not have a latch system and require rear seat

What is the difference between a full camper and a weekender and what is right for me?

Both are amazing choices and you’ll be happy and comfy either way you go. The biggest difference between full campers and weekenders (Vanagon and Eurovan) is the built-in galley. Full campers all come with a refrigerator, sink and stove unit that was designed into the van itself. These galleys take up space on the driver’s side of the van which narrows the rear bench seat and bed. Weekenders don’t have that galley, therefore the rear seat is wider across and you gain more room inside the camper. Our Eurovan full campers also have a built-in furnace to keep you warm on chilly nights.

While the weekenders don’t have the built-in galley in the cab of the car, we do outfit the Vanagon Weekenders with camping stoves for use outside the van, portable water jugs and washbasins and powered refrigerator/coolers that run off of the van’s solar panels. Our Eurovan campers have been outfitted with a galley unit that pulls out from the rear hatch with a sink and storage bin for dishes, cookware and food. In other words: you get the same amenities in a Weekender as a full camper, they just aren’t built-in from the factory. There’s no furnace in the van, but we provide extra-warm bedding and can also provide indoor propane heaters upon request.

While they may have different features, both versions offer the same freedom and versatility to you as a camper. Personally: our family enjoys both types. For shorter trips, Weekenders are perfect and for longer trips we prefer the full campers for the storage and convenience. Either way, you’re going to have a blast.