We are in tough times.  It is important to understand the severity of the situation and have empathy for those who have been directly impacted; it is also important to maintain sanity and continue to live life.  Here at Rocky Mountain Campervans we believe in the value of adventure and exploration as a means of personal growth and renewal from the stresses of everyday life.  We believe that travel can be safe during the pandemic and still encourage people to live out their dream roadtrip in a Campervan.

Since the beginning, RMCV and the mainstream media have believed that RV and campervan travel was the safest way to travel during the pandemic.  This article from the Wall Street Journal reiterates that belief:  The Safest Way to Travel

A surge of new Vanlifers hit the road during pandemic as reported in the USA today:  #Vanlife Takes Off During COVID-19

We have taken every precaution suggested by the CDC to ensure our campervans have been safely cleaned.  Read more about our enhanced cleaning practices here:  Updated COVID cleaning

You can enjoy being on the road without the uncomfortable feeling of being crammed in a hotel elevator or common spaces of an airport with strangers.  Navigate far from the the popular destinations and create your own itinerary – for many travelers the pandemic has been a wonderful time to explore and put adventure back into the roadtrip